The description of your company, or “about us” section, is usually the most read content on your website. Are you putting your best face forward there, or could you use a makeover? These pointers will help you create a company story that’s as compelling and informative as possible.

DO tell a story
This is an area where small companies have an advantage over the big guys. People enjoy supporting others they feel connected to, and sharing your personal story is a step toward establishing that connection. In your company description, talk about why the business was started or the history behind it.

DON’T fudge the facts
You want to stand out from the competition of course, but steer away from any inclination to pad the numbers, your client list, past achievements, etc. It’s just not worth the risk to your business and the reputation you’ve worked so hard to establish.

DO use visuals/photos
The old saying, “One picture is worth a thousand words” definitely rings true here. Staff pics, glimpses behind the scenes and historical photos add context and colour to your company description.

DON’T use copyrighted photography Just because you found an image on the web doesn’t give you the right to use it. Copyright law is serious stuff and most professional photographers maintain strict copyrights on their images. To avoid any problems, use stock photography (search “stock photos” online to get started).

DO use numbers
Any data or statistics you can tout to show why people should buy your product or work with your company is great validation that should definitely be included in your company description.

DON’T write a novel
It’s hard to get people excited about long blocks of text, so keep your company description short and sweet. The point is to encourage readers to take an action — call, buy, visit, etc. — so make sure your story is an expressway, not a roadblock.

DO show your personality
Letting a little of yourself shine through into your story can help you stand out from your competitors and help customers feel connected to your company. Just remember to keep it real.

Long story short: when it comes to your company description, be interesting, be accurate, and above all, be yourself. Contact your Safeguard consultant for more tips to make your company website even more engaging and effective.