It’s a well known fact that featuring promo items in advertising, sales calls, trade shows and social media increases response and sales. They’re a profit-building ingredient you can confidently add to any marketing plan.

But there’s another facet of promo items that makes them special: more people pass them on than throw them away. Which simply means that you can extend your advertising reach for months or even years with no additional investment.

Recently, the Advertising Specialty Institute completed a study of the pass-along potential of promotional items (details below). Have a look. And when you’re ready to put the long-lasting power of promo items to work for your business, contact your Safeguard consultant.

Promo products are passed along

Consumers who receive promotional products will typically give them to someone else when they are finished with them, effectively extending the advertiser’s reach. In the U.S. and Canada, nearly two-thirds of promo products are given away. In fact, in most countries, more than half of consumers say they’ll give away an item rather then throw it out or file it.