There’s only one real winner in this direct marketing battle royal

Suppose a postcard and an email could talk — and duke it out to see who reigns supreme in the direct marketing arena. What might that confrontational conversation sound like? Let’s listen in:

Email: Well, you’re certainly not very eco-friendly. All that ink and paper, and…”

Postcard: “Wait just a minute, buster. There are plenty of conscientious printers out there with sustainable practices in place that reduce pollution and waste.”

Email: “OK, but with just one click, a savvy business can send me to hundreds, maybe even thousands of customers and prospects…”

Postcard: “…who can delete you with one click as well. People may eventually throw me out, but at least I get looked at.”

Email: “Oh, and I suppose you’re hot linked to a website or online storefront, so people can respond right then and there?”

Postcard: “Maybe not, but I’ve never been filtered out of anybody’s mailbox before they even see me.”

Email: “Hmm…yeah, well…people like my immediacy.”

Postcard: “They also like getting targeted messages they can touch, feel and keep.”

Email: “Oh, yeah?”

Postcard: “Yeah!”

Email: “Junk mail!”

Postcard: “Spam!”

Our heroes will probably never resolve their differences, so let’s leave that little scene and consider the real truth of the matter: you’re the one real winner.

Because each medium — postcard or email — is a viable way to market your business, offering different, yet effective ways to get the word out and drive revenue.

Best of all, your Safeguard consultant can help you determine which is best for your unique situation and help you get the right one produced and delivered. Make contact today to get started.