Never underestimate the value good design adds to your brand and promotions. Every contact you have with your audience makes, and leaves, an impression of your company. So guard against even one poorly designed communication that could undermine the reputation you’ve worked so hard to establish.

Engage the services of a professional designer

You can’t have well-designed brand materials and marketing communications without the services of a good designer. Unfortunately, people mistakenly think that a good designer is someone who simply knows the latest design software inside and out. Nothing could be further from the truth. While they need to understand the tools of the trade, what makes a designer truly exceptional goes much deeper. For starters, they need an understanding of your brand personality and brand guidelines. They also need to be familiar with your target audience — who they are, what they do, and what motivates them.

Armed with this information, a designer will apply his or her skills to accomplish the following:

A level of brand consistency based on layout style, imagery, colours, and language

A visual hierarchy that guides viewers’ eyes in such a way so your story is told in a logical, pleasing, and compelling way

An easy-to-read presentation of the copy that appropriately emphasizes key points using a careful selection of fonts, styles and sizes

Make good design part of your business strategy and you’ll create a better experience for your prospects and customers. Contact your Safeguard consultant when you’re looking for design help on your next project.