30 Magic Marketing Words

Savvy business owners, copywriters and designers know how language influences emotions and encourages action. Certain words and phrases will boost response and conversion rates almost across the board. Test the following 30 magic marketing words and phrases in your...

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Postcards vs. Email

There’s only one real winner in this direct marketing battle royal Suppose a postcard and an email could talk — and duke it out to see who reigns supreme in the direct marketing arena. What might that confrontational conversation sound like? Let’s listen in: Email:...

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Advantages of Promotional Items

It’s a well known fact that featuring promo items in advertising, sales calls, trade shows and social media increases response and sales. They’re a profit-building ingredient you can confidently add to any marketing plan. But there’s another facet of promo items that...

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Postcard Paper Stock Options

You already know that an accurate mailing list and an attractive offer are the primary drivers of direct mail success. But the paper stock you choose for your postcards plays a critical role as well. Several industry studies have shown that mail recipients are...

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Colour Printing Demystified

When you order printed materials from Safeguard, either 4-colour process or spot-colour printing will be used to produce them. Both processes are popular because they yield high-quality results for a reasonable price. But how do they work? What’s the difference? Which...

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12 Ways to Build Your Email List

In today’s business climate, email is the preferred mode of communication. More than 70% of customers prefer it as well, because email lets them read your messages when it’s convenient for them. And, unlike a Facebook post that disappears on your fans’ timelines, you...

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The Importance of Creative Design

Never underestimate the value good design adds to your brand and promotions. Every contact you have with your audience makes, and leaves, an impression of your company. So guard against even one poorly designed communication that could undermine the reputation you’ve...

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The Psychology of Colour

How do the colour red or purple make you feel? Excited, sophisticated? Hunches behind the psychology of colour in marketing have been long-standing and intriguing, but are they actually true? Can you really use particular colours to enhance your customers’ moods,...

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